DarwinDiverCity Series

What is the Darwin DiverCity Series about?

The Darwin DiverCity Series was established by Georgia Politis, a photographer in Darwin, in 2020. However, the “project” at the time did not get off the ground due to the coronavirus. In August 2021, Georgia officially commenced the project and it turned into a series; instead of the a one-off project. The series is aimed at 20-30 people per series; celebrating diversity in Darwin; in many ways. Georgia hopes to complete 2-3 series. 


The Series is about celebrating all forms of DiverCity. This can be cultural, illness, disability, LGBTIQ+ communities and more. Georgia's aim is to spread awareness of the massive multicultural and diverse communities which make Darwin unique; but also spreading awareness of stories of struggle, triumph and many more. 


As a second generation Darwin-born Greek, Georgia has grown up in a very multicultural community – however, since commencing photography, amongst other jobs, Georgia has come across multiple stories that deserve to be heard. These people of Darwin are what makes Darwin the unique place it is today; and Georgia’s aim is to celebrate this through her work, at a time where the world and community need some positivity. 


Georgia has been inspired by many people to establish the series; however the person who has inspired it the most is her grandfather George, who she is named after. George sadly passed away in his 60’s in 2009, and never got to share his story of a life full of interesting experiences, battles and achievements. George gave much to the community, and was well known in the community as the ‘big green truck man’ at the markets.

The Series has made it to Mix 104.9 with Ali and even the Greek Herald Newspaper! It is getting traction nationwide; and even some parts internationally.

Click to read the GREEK HERALD story by Andriana Simos.


What will the future of the Darwin DiverCity Series be?


The future of the series will hopefully be a book; where the stories are told with the photographs for the people selected to be involved. The book eventually will be sold publicly to anyone who is interested to own a slice of history. If funds allow, an exhibition will also be held later in time. 




Common Questions


What areas does the Darwin DiverCity Series explore?


The Darwin DiverCity Series has the following areas:

- First Responders/ Army Personnel/ Medical Personel (limited places left)

- Identical Twins/Triplets (child places now full, ages from 16+ only)

- Cultural Wear (Greece, India, Russia and Sri Lanka currently full), ages 18+ only)

- Old Darwin (ages 70+ only)

- Unique Darwin (Highly tattooed individuals, international students, LGTBIQ+, unique talents, illness, disability) - limited places left)

- Refugees (places currently full)

I am wanting to be in the first responder/army personnel/medical aspect of the series, what do I need to do?


Before submitting an application to us, you must first get written consent that you are approved to wear your uniform and tell your story in the series. For this part of the series, you absolutely need to wear your uniform – and supply written consent (in an email or letter from your manager or communications/ media team). You can send them a link to this page which outlines what the project is, what the images will be used for, etc.


What will happen to my image/s, story and name?


Your story, name and image will be shared online and in print (including a book and likely exhibition) – this includes social media. Images also outline they may be used for industry competitions, magazines, media including news outlets. However, these are done in good faith for the purpose of promoting the photographer, their work, or the purpose of the series. 


Can I bring my family for a free session? 


No, this series is not for ‘free’ images with no purpose; and not for couples, families or singles looking to only receive free image/s. The series is limited to only those who are selected to be apart of the series; where 1 digital is given for their time (for series one this applies, series two may have different terms).


I would like my photo taken, however I do not wish to share a story or talk about my story


Unfortunately, this will not be open to people who are either uncomfortable with their image being shared, or not wanting to share their story. You will be required to give this information prior in the application stage. Applications are then assessed and you will be contacted if you are successful and then sign an agreement to use your name, images and story to be shared before the session.


Can the photographer travel to take my photograph?


Due to this project being a free series; we will not be travelling outside of the studio. Applicants who are accepted will need to travel to us; unless the studio decides travel is beneficial in exceptional circumstances. If you are unable to, or do not wish to travel to the studio; unfortunately we cannot do the session due to the limited time we have, and the set up required for a location shoot.


Can the photographer contact someone I know that may be interested, however is not aware of the series?


Due to the limited time we have for the series, if you believe someone may be fit for the project and interested, please let them know about the project and then a relative or friend of theirs capable of communicating can set up the session with us. Unfortunately, we are unable to cold-call people who are not very aware of the project, and who may not understand how the project works, or if they are happy to be featured. We prefer a communicator in the middle who is able to communicate and plan the session with us, especially if English is not the person's first language. 


Why are places limited?


We limit places to this series to ensure fairness and diversity. For example, the cultural aspect of the series in cultural attire is limited to 1-2 people maximum per country/culture. This can mean for example, a person from Cyprus and another from Kalymnos (these are places in two separate countries, however similar cultures) are maximum for the series. We want to ensure there is a balance, and certain areas are limited. 


Why are there age limits and minimums?


All areas have minimum ages; for example, the cultural part of the series is minimum age of 18 as of September 1, 2021. This removes the chances of a child signing on behalf of their parent’s behalf without their full knowledge of the series. If we suspect anyone under the age of 18, we may ask for identification proof. This is all for goodwill, as you can understand we need to ensure everyone involved understands these images cannot be taken offline once published, or printed – they are apart of the series as a whole. Some other parts may have a lower age; such as twins/triplets being minimum age of 6 as of September 1, 2021 – this age children generally understand commands, and are at the age to understand the photographer’s requests and be able to communicate with the photographer to tell at least a little story from theirselves.

To apply, please fill in our APPLICATION FORM (this does not guarantee you a place in the series) here: