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Newborn Booking Policies



  1. To confirm the booking, a payment of the studio fee is required. The studio fee is a non-refundable deposit of $150.

  2. All Payments must be made prior to the services and products being provided. If full payment is not provided by the invoice due date, the Studio serves the right to cancel the booking. 

  3. CCTV cameras monitor the studio and may be provided to a third party if required by law or to protect copyright, trademarks, safety, insurance and other legal rights of the Photographer, as well as evidence of any issues, injuries, stolen items, damaged items or situations that may occur.

  4. Cancellation Policy: Amount paid may be credited at the discretion of the Studio if cancellation notice is sent in writing (email or facebook) up to THREE HOURS before the session. Any cancellations after this time will forfeit the voucher/ amount paid.

  5. Cancellation Policy: $150 retainer is non-refundable. Once it is paid, even if in advance notice is given, it is not refundable. The retainer can be credited, as long as cancellation is before time limit stated in Term 4 - for use up to 12 months towards any full-priced package.

  6. Cancellation Policy: Cancellations BEFORE 31 days notice; not including date of cancellation, are entitled to a refund of any amounts paid (excluding the non-refundable retainer). Cancellations AFTER this period are entitled to a FULL CREDIT of services to be used up to 12 months on any full priced package.

  7. REBOOKING: Please note that for any credit, a booking of at least 8 weeks in advance is required. No last minute bookings for the credit shall apply and no refunds, extensions on the credit shall apply. The credit, when re-booked cannot be cancelled or rescheduled by the client again.

  8. TIME: Time is set and recorded by the studio's time; ACST (Darwin time). No exceptions shall occur if the time is missed due to phone/ clock error by the client for being late, no-show or cancellation past the deadline.

  9. Cancellations must be in writing: Notification in writing is to be received by client (I/us) via email ([email protected]), text (0402916126) or Facebook page message (Georgia Politis Photography). No other methods will be accepted to ensure recording of cancellation.

  10. TIME: Time is set and recorded by the studio's time; ACST (Darwin time). No exceptions shall occur if the time is missed due to phone/ clock error by the client for being late, no-show or cancellation past the deadline.

  11. I/We agree to arrive no earlier or later than 10 mins prior to the session commencing, at the location of the studio, supplied closer to date. If I/We are not present by the commencement time, this will reduce the final digitals supplied in the collection and the time left for photographing. If 15 mins or more late, the full session payment is forfeited, with no rebooking option and no credit.

  12. I/We agree to not have additional persons arrive at the location who are not being photographed due to safety. Only 1-2 adult/guardian/parent to accompany the children who are being photographed. Please contact the studio if you wish to bring someone with you as we only have enough seating for 2 adults.

  13. The Photographer is not responsible for the cooperativeness, expressions or behaviours of subjects and no complimentary re-shoots apply. This includes eye position, smiling, etc. Other factors that are not under the photographer's control include anything worn by or bought by the client; such as nappy bulkiness and outfit choices. At times, studio outfits may not be appropriate such as fit, it is up to the client to determine if they would like to change. It is important to request a time, in advance that you feel is the best (most sleepiest) time for your baby and to not book anything before or right after your session.

  14. Client must give feedback on anything they do not like such as colours, clothing (anything within the control of the photographer) during the session. This means it can be rectified as soon as possible.

  15. If a second backdrop is offered prior to session for the session, this must still be within the session time. Session time will not be extended. If session time does not allow for another backdrop, no re-shoots, credit, refunds or extensions of time will apply.

  16. IMAGE USE: For any public use such as newspapers and magazines (Online, TV and in print), credit must be given at all times to the original copyright owner, Georgia Politis. Failure to provide credit will result in an invoice being sent to the publisher of $300 for image use.

  17. For family newborn sessions: I/We agree to bring spare clothing. Whilst clothing is supplied for children, some outfits may not fit every child. Studio does not supply footwear for health reasons. Babies do not require footwear.

  18. I/We agree that the studio owns all clothing and materials supplied within the studio, therefore, if any is borrowed during the session they must be removed before the session is complete. If clothing is damaged or removed from the studio, client agrees to pay a replacement cost of $100 each piece for children clothing / men's shirts or $300 for women's dresses or products/ services will be not be supplied.

  19. Children must be supervised at all times. The photographer also will not accept any responsibility or liability for any injuries, allergies or medical episodes occurring during the session including any loss of personal items from the session.

  20. In the case of severe jaundice, acne or bruising/ injury on the baby/ persons, please contact studio at least 3 days before the session as studio may not be able to edit/ decrease such conditions during the post-processing process and a slight delay to the photographing date may need to occur in the best interests of the quality of imagery.

  21. I/We approve that the studio is able to use any images taken during the session for industry competitions as well as any form of promotional purposes. If I/We wish to not have any published, this must be noted BEFORE this contract is signed, in writing. For model sessions, if this is declined - it will forfeit the discount.

  22. For newborn photography, the Photographer adheres to best industry practice for newborn safety. Posed newborn sessions shall be performed by a Photographer trained in newborn safety and posing. I/We agree that the photographer shall not be responsible for any injuries, allergies or matters that occur during the session. Posed newborn photography is subject to age restrictions (5 - 16 days) with less posed positions practiced for infants up to five to eight weeks. Posing is subject to safety, capability and the comfort newborn subjects. The Photographer shall assess potential risks prior to posing newborn subjects and will not undertake select poses if the subject cannot be settled to an acceptable safety level. 

  23. I/We agree that we have viewed the photographing studio's work/style, and we are happy to proceed. All set ups, while similar with other previous clients are not always exactly the same. Each session is set up for the client by our studio, if I/We wish to have a certain set up, we must contact the photographing studio at least 3 days before the session - sending photos of preferences in colour/tone/backdrop - but must be from the photographer's own previous work as photographer does not mimic other work. I/We agree that if we feel we do not like the set up, I/We must state this at the start of the session, as once photographed this cannot be changed due to the time required to re-set up, and re-photograph during the same session. No re-shoots apply unless paid for. Props, backdrops, wraps may not always be available as they are washed after each session (or have since been sold). We do the best we can to deliver a unique, warm colour palette consistent with our style. All poses are similar but photographed on a different set up; such as from above photographing down to the baby.

  24. I/We agree that if we wish to bring any props or outfits, this must be pre-approved with the Studio due to safety and strict style purposes. Please request at least three days in writing.

  25. I/We agree that if children are apart of the session, children must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian and be closely supervised at all times. Children are not permitted near the Photographer whilst they are working with a newborn or near props and equipment unless it is under close supervision or to have their photograph taken; this is for the safety of the baby while being photographed. The Photographer maintains an environment conducive to newborn photography achieving results by keeping stimulation at a minimum for newborn clients. The Photographer is unable to include extended family or additional persons in studio and attendance is restricted to newborn parents and newborn siblings, unless otherwise agreed in writing, with the extra fees paid for in full prior to the session.

  26. As the Studio owns the Copyright, I/we agree any additional editing or filters by any person apart from the photographing studio is not permitted, as this does not reflect the style by the photographing studio.

  27. I/We agree that the studio falls under weather conditions, safety conditions and any condition outside of any control that may hinder the safety/quality of the session including health events. Studio in their own discretion may reschedule the session in writing under the studio cancellation policy. 

  28. The final edited digital files remain the property of the Studio and will be kept on file a period of maximum one year for re-orders. This is not guaranteed. For gallery activation after expiry, a fee of $50 will be payable.

  29. I/We understand that the studio does not provide any unedited or RAW images. Clients will receive their final delivered images in JPEG format. Selection of edited images is at the Studio's own discretion and this decision is final. Studio will supply a gallery of watermarked images for client to pick which final/s they would like as part of their collection or for any additional images to be purchased. Client may request an in-person meeting to see images without watermarks. Any RAWs not selected as part of the selection process are removed before the final editing takes place. All remaining unedited RAWs are deleted once the editing is finalised. If I/We wish to purchase any additional images, we must flag this before we make our first selections to avoid any loss. No swap overs shall occur for mistaken selections, once selection is done the selection is final for editing.

  30. Edited images are final and non-negotiable. Editing includes minor skin smoothing, colour correction, exposure and light/ shade correction along with studio's own creative flare. All images that are supplied are final, any additional editing requested after this period will incur an editing fee. Studio does not specialise in certain editing styles - therefore will not alter a person's physical appearance such as taking in a body/ face, nose, or chin, or altering a person in such a way that it no longer looks natural. Studio may not be able to alter newborn or a person's skin if skin has severe acne, blemishing, redness, bruising, or discolouration. Any medical materials will not be edited out such as bandaids, braces or tubing. If this editing is requested, studio can contract an editor for special requests at $50 per image.

  31. The Photographer has the right to a carry out Services and delivery free from violence, verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation and threats of defamation. Additional Products and/or Services not stated in this contract, and not paid for are not complimentary and the Photographer has the right to be remunerated appropriately for additional work not included. The Photographer reserves the right to terminate the session, retain the session fee, archive images and shall have no further liability with respect to this agreement if the Photographer experiences inappropriate, threatening, hostile or offensive behaviour from person(s) at the Client's session, indirect or directly. The Photographer has a legal and moral obligation to report concerns for personal welfare, the welfare of children or other person(s) present at the Client's session.

  32. I/We agree that services and products are non-refundable. The photographer provides their services prior, during and after the photographic assignment, which is included in the quoted price. All products are to be inspected by the client prior to collection. if the product is damaged prior to collection, it will be followed up by the studio with the supplier. 

  33.  Print orders are to be placed within 3 months of the gallery being delivered, or client will be subject to any price increases and must pay the difference.

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