Our Product & Product Collections

At Georgia Politis Photography (Also known as GP Photography, or GPP), I only sell the best products within the AU/NZ Market. From Canvas Artworks, Acrylic Style Block Canvases, Albums to Prints - I have spent over a year in researching, purchasing and testing products to ensure I use the best brands known to Professionals.

Why Should You Always Purchase Products with GPP?

When you invest with GPP, you are investing in a legacy - ours and your own. Placing on a USB, the computer, or leaving it stored electronically is keeping that legacy from its full potential. 

My business partners with companies which are made to last, and made from the best resources available, exclusive to only professional photographers. The full album and wall art range is designed by your dedicated photographer, and then hand made from our leading suppliers.

All of our Fine Art prints come with professional matting, to ensure that it is ready to be in its own frame when it comes to you.

Oak Collection

8 fine art 5 x 7 prints in a handmade oak box

Memory Collection

1 Framed 20 x 30 inch canvas