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Finally, showing the difference between a 10 cent print and a professional print!

Updated: May 13, 2020

When investing in a professional, avoid discount and department store prints

Over the years, I get very similar questions “because your prints are professional, I want to print these at a department store, it should come up great right?” and “I printed these at a department store, but they came out different to what you showed me, they aren’t really nice”.

When investing with a professional, it is best to not take shortcuts. While it saves you money in the short term, you are actually downgrading the value of your investment with your photographer. When you invest in a professional photographer, you invest in a service that presents highly skilled and beautiful work, and you really want that to be represented in the products you display in your home or office.

In this below image, a client printed their professional digitals with a local department store offering prints at just a few cents per print. When it came out, they were shocked at how different the digital looked to the finished print – not only was the sharpness reduced, the image lacked definition, colour and the tones were very off. They were not sure if the digital was actually those colours, or if the print itself was the problem. They contacted me for advice, and we agreed to print a new one through my supplier to show that it was the quality being the problem. Needless to say, the product that came from my supplier was exactly to what was being seen from my calibrated monitor, and it was also sharper.

The original edited digital prior to printing
The department store print (above)
Professional Fine Art Matte Print (Matte (no gloss) on cotton paper, which creates beautiful skin tones

My products may not be instant, may be higher than the normal budget – however, when taken care of, they are a great investment to last a lifetime. They are also mirroring the true quality of the workmanship my studio has, and reflect the professional work you have invested in.

When you start to see side-by-side, you realise just how important it is to invest in a good quality printer and photographer. It can make all the difference. I have spent around three years finding the best suppliers, testing their products and ensuring it meets my high standards. I will tell you, it is amazing how different one photograph can look with multiple printers! I have done the hard work for you and found only the best, and these companies will only print for registered professional studios – which ensures they are for the industry.


“My digitals have different looking colours and tones on my computer”

My computers are calibrated to be as close as possible to what it will be printed to. Sometimes you may see a digital on your personal devices that look very different to what you may have expected – for example, it is too green, too pink, too yellow, not sharp, etc. This could be due to your monitor, TV, phone not being calibrated. I have found iPhones are quite close to the true colours of a digital. If you are unsure, contact me and we can discuss.

“My budget prints are not what I wanted, what can I do?”

If you ordered a budget print and you are not particularly happy, please contact me directly. I offer a range of products for purchase for differing budgets to assist you. Unfortunately I am unable to give products for free or reprints.

“I can’t afford professional products”

This is something I get very often. I understand products can add up quickly. Either way, I offer payment plans either direct through me or PayRight “buy now, pay later”.

A payment plan through me is like an in-store lay-buy, where you pay slowly for the product over a period of time, and then once fully paid, it is ordered.

PayRight is an Australian company offering “buy now, pay later”, where you have the option to take out a small loan on the product and get it right away.

Terms and conditions apply for both of these, and are on a case by case basis. For PayRight information, visit

“I am not sure what to order”

I am here to help you! I will ask you what space you are looking to place the product in, or what you intend to do with it. I can recommend small coffee table albums, a magazine, canvases, metal canvases, even fine art prints have certain charecteristics which tend to suit certain styles of photography and also spaces in homes/offices. Just contact me and I can assist you, I even have a virtual room where you can see how big something may look.

"What is the difference between a fine art print and a normal print?"

Some prints are vastly different from others, for example - I offer matte fine art prints which are my highest quality type of print (and my personal favourite), where the image is printed on cotton paper. The look of the image is great for portraiture, as it smoothes out the skin really well, it is not glossy, and the look is smoother overall. I find art prints relaxing to look at, and I feel they are best for framing due to the low-sheen (matte) look. When placed under a light, they do not reflect back like the lustre prints would.

Lustre is between matte and gloss. They are significantly more reflective than the fine art prints, the colours are more vibrant as well. Lustre prints are also more saturated in colour and contrast than fine art prints, but can still be framed.

Professional Lustre print on mounted board - has a very reflective coating to light

Both come down to personal preference - however if I ever am asked with what to pick, I always go with fine art paper due to the quality of the print and low-sheen. You must frame fine art prints immediately after receiving them to last as long as possible.

Don't forget to contact me if you are wanting a product by a specific date, due to sending the requests to my suppliers to product and then postage time, I will need notice.

- For Italian prints, canvases, metal prints, magazines, albums = minimum six weeks notice + 2 weeks for album design (designed by Georgia Politis Photography)

- for smaller prints = minimum three weeks, four to be safe

Thank you,

Georgia xx

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