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Five tips on finding the right newborn photographer for your baby

The newborn photography industry has exploded in recent years; in the 90's parents would generally have their baby at the hospital or at home in their crib photographed as a newborn with a film camera. These days, you have an abundance of newborn photographers in differing styles available with many styles going in and out of fashion.

Yep. You are pregnant or just gave birth and you are overwhelmed; you follow around 10 or so local photographers, some perhaps interstate or overseas for inspiration. The time has come to book and you have no idea what to do. The choices are endless!

First things first, it can be hard to know how to pick if you do shop based on price. Some of the most expensive businesses don't always mean that you will like them or they are the 'best', and some of the cheapest don't mean they will be terrible. You have some investigating to do!

One - Check out their last six months of work online

I can say as a photographer my work ALWAYS is evolving. My work a year ago is not the same as it is now. I highly reccomend looking at the last six months of sessions online the photographer/s have published perhaps on social media. You might LOVE one session; but then realise their general style isn't your thing. So it is important to check out more than a few sessions to see their true style. Most of the photographers who have been open for more than 3-4 years will have a consistent style they are known for; this makes it much easier in picking the style you love.

Two - Avoid comparing every photographer's price, inclusions and packages

This one can be hard. As a photographer, in the past I used to get asked by customers 'but this photographer is offering x amount of digitals for the same/similar price range'. We are all different businesses; so the first thing to not do is compare pricing, digitals and packages. The reason why? We have different experiences, different ways we work and different expenses.

Yes, I definately know that budget does indeed come to mind. However, if you shop soley on how much bang you can get out of your buck you will never be happy. It is better to look at the style and make a choice based on that. Imagine shopping only on price, and you really did not like the style, and the photo never gets to be seen.

Three - Imagine the style of work hung up in your home

Another thing to note is how you imagine the images to be in your home. The colours, tones, style. If you want a photo that is bright pink to suit a bright pink room, I will be upfront; I am not your photographer. My work is more neutral tone with a little splash of colour; I do have colour - but I ensure when I add it, it is natural and does not look fake. My goal in my work is to create colours that are already in nature and to try and create an image where it does not go out of style. I do not imitate other photographer's work either; all are my own with my own creativity.

Try to imagine an existing image from your photographer's online portfolio on your wall. Do you LOVE it? Then that is your photographer! If you feel unsure; then that is not your photographer. It will be in your home, and newborn photography really can only be done once. It truly is priceless.

Another thing to note is that don't shop based on your existing home colours. Styles change, fashions change, but photographs don't. Shop on if you do like the style they use and the tones/colours they use.

Four - Ensure that you book early, and you have an idea of what you like

Most photographers have certain limits to how many bookings they take per month. For example, I have a rough limit of 4-6 newborns per month; depending on my commitments and other bookings/ work. Most of my bookings tend to creep in three months in advance; however there are many times where I am able to take a new booking two weeks' in advance as I avoid over-booking.

Five - Have a connection with your photographer

Yes! You read that right. If you're not 'feeling' it; don't book it. We all have differences, however it is important that you have a good connection with your photographer in order to feel comfortable with them handling your baby and of course; taking photographs of your family.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to send me a DM or email for more guidance to ensure your newborn session with me goes smoothly :)

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