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How a Studio Session can be great for your family

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

We know planning and carrying out a family session can be just as stressful as planning a holiday – however, there are a few ways to make your next investment in a family or children session beneficial and fun!

Book your session at the ‘happiest’ time of the day

Squeezing in a random time is not always going to work for your little ones; it could be nap time, or simply stretching your daily usual routine a little too far. Unfortunately, you can’t edit out a crying kid from a session (and you wouldn’t want to!).

Try and request a time that suits your children’s routines, which usually is just after their longest nap of the day. They are likely to be happier, attentive and comfortable with photographs. Avoid booking towards the end of their routines e.g. when they are due for a nap or feed.

Book your session in a studio

Ah, Darwin! Where it is summer all year round and there is heat all year round – whether that is dry or humid heat, it is always there. Not only the heat, but mozzies, the sun and the environment are not always the best things for a family session with children under 5.

Considering investing in a studio session can not only save you time, but a lot of fuss. There are many benefits of having a studio session; you are in a controlled environment, a smaller space (the kids cant disappear!), it is airconditioned and more comfortable. There is no need to worry about the kids getting dirty, your hair getting messy or sweaty faces – you are in a lovely space where you can feel at home without walking around for locations which can usually get the kids a little rowdy.

Another benefit of having a studio session is you can have it at any time of the day – which will work well when working with differing schedules of a child. When photographing outdoors, you are usually restricted to ‘golden hour’; which is an hour after sunrise or an hour after sunset. Generally these times are not always good for kids and you also have weather to take into effect as well as environmental factors (heat, mozzies, humidity, clouds, etc).

Studio Sessions can be a fuss-free way to enjoy a family portrait
Georgia Politis Photography - Studio Session

Studio Sessions at Georgia Politis Photography

At Georgia Politis Photography, our Leanyer-based studio is a comfortable space where you can sit, relax and enjoy your session. We have a client fridge for beverages, coffee stand, couch and a client wardrobe with plenty of clothing to pick from for your session that matches our unique style.

We are always looking for ways to make every session fun; therefore we always ask before our session a few questions to get to know your family. in our studio, we generally play your child's favourite music to help them feel comfortable and have some fun during their session. We always allocate a little extra time during your session for those moments when your child may be feeling a little uncomfortable, and if your child has special needs we will allocate more time for you and change the way we photograph to ensure everything works out smoothly during your session.

As of May 2022, we have recently bought our more affordable pricing after noticing people seem to be putting photography last on their priority list due to the ever-increasing costs of living; where photography still is incredibly important.

Book a studio session today for as little as $195, return clients get special offers for every time they return!

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