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Why do we offer prints with every package, and why is printing so important?

Anyone could say I am completely biased if I say “you NEED to get an album!” when it comes to a christening, special event or a wedding. Now now, let’s look at this clearly on exactly why photographers are always, or almost always, encouraging their clients to buy prints or albums.

As time has gone by, memories are now extremely easy to capture. We have our phones, iPads, laptops, DSLRs are widely available, pretty much almost anything electronic has camera capabilities (even fridges!). We are surrounded by devices which make capturing anything instantly available. This can be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. While we can capture everything, which is fantastic, we tend to loose the true value of the moment - it is instantly stored on our devices, which many of us tend to forget about - it is there when we want it, but it won’t be there forever.

Our Signature Album consists of a unique blend of colours and materials, designed to be timeless and unique to Georgia Politis Photography. This album contains HD Matte Thickened pages.

I almost feel that the digital age has somewhat devalued moments captured around us due to the immense availability of everything, it also reduces the term we keep things for - in our phones, a lot of things are always temporary. When it is printed, the only way for us to loose that is if we physically throw it away, it gets destroyed, stolen - or grandma forgets to give it back. Both of my parents were born and grew up in Darwin, and unfortunately, many of their memories blew away in Cyclone Tracy - but the photographs left became extremely valuable to them, and knowing the story behind why makes me treasure physical prints even more.

The cameras before the digital age had film, where you had only a limited number of photographs you could take before you ran out - which made every photograph taken require thought on the moment and the importance and/or significance of it. Technology has changed this, it is always there in front of us - we don’t really see the value but an impulse to just capture, often forgetting the value of it until perhaps years later. This is why prints, albums and/ or wall art are important.

Yes, please keep back ups of your photographs on as many devices as you can. Yes, prints and albums won’t last forever either - but phones change a lot faster these days than a good quality print will last you. On average, we tend to change phones at least every two years; more or less. Many of us will transfer over photos, some may get lost in the process, or some may just happen to get deleted because we run out of space on our phones. This may seem so innocent, but in ten years a simple memory is always much more valuable. It’s simply time and memories we can never get back.

An album is always there, and I still have my album from when I was a baby; safely kept in storage away from light and moisture - the photographs are still as good as new because they were quality products at the time, and I guess - still are! Floppy disks are out of fashion, CDs are almost out, USBs are already changing, phones and computers are constantly changing - but physical prints will never evolve. While the papers do, while the album styles do, while the fashion of it does - the importance and the value of an album will never change. So continuing on why I love physical forms of art being our memories captured, Photography is an art form, which must be in its true form - in front of you, on a paper, canvas, acrylic, you name it. Not only can you feel it in front of you physically, but you are able to feel the art on a different level, not on a screen.

Nothing feels better than holding that moment in your hands. It becomes apart of our physical world, instead of the digitised one which we are surrounded by. With prints, especially albums; they bring people together. You don’t flick to the next slide, you feel the paper, show family, share your memories and laugh at the moments (or cry). You look closer at the emotion like never before. It’s a completely different world, and it’s how it should be, how it has been - since the digital era took over.

Before we renamed to Georgia Politis Photography, we offered unique Italian-made albums that are designed by us electronically to tell a story. We still offer this service as part of most of our collections.

I searched for a long time to find the right companies to partner with and supply the best prints possible, as well as wall art and albums. These are not only for me, but for you too. I want the best for my clients with durability, as long as you take care of them and keep them safe - I assure you, it will last you, they even come with care cards!

Much love, Georgia

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